Hello, Howdy, Hola…Welcome All!

This is my third time attempting to write and successfully continue to develop a blog.  Third times a charm, right? My first blog was for family & friends while studying abroad, to share my experiences and journeys. Post-college and unemployed, I attempted to develop a blog about my job search which I felt like I should not have been writing at the time. Let’s face it; who wants to share failures of rejection?  But here we are, attempt number three and, I am hoping that this one will last. I have things to say, you may not like them, agree or care but, I will tackle this head on. Facing my fears, one blog post at a time.

In a recent conversation with my mom, we talked about fear.  Mostly how I let my fears stop me from doing things in my life.  I am so fearful of the unknown. This is funny ‘cause I made a HUGE life change this past year.  But, my fears are real, rational or not, they are present and they take up too much room in my life. So, I am on a journey to tackle my fears.  Before the New Year begins, I’d like to preface my blog with my fears in order to overcome them. I am committing 2013 to being FEARLESS!  And I’m giving you, my very loyal and loveable readers the opportunity to hold me accountable for it all. So let me break it down for you.

  1. Fear of writing a blog: No one will read it; no one will think it’s cool. People will judge me. I don’t have anything clever or witty to say. I won’t follow through.
  2. Fear of writing a book: I have no right to write a book. No one will read it, think it’s cool, profound, etc.
  3. Fear of moving: I won’t be happy.
  4. Fear of going after the things I want (ie. Job): I won’t get it; I’m not qualified/good enough.
  5. Fear of telling it like it is: People judge…. I judge.
  6. Fear of being all bark and no bite: It’s easier to say than do.
  7. Fear of spiders: Hmm I don’t know if that will change. I’m ridiculously scared of spiders.
  8. Fear of heights: I’ve developed a slight fear of heights.  As a kid I was willing to do anything but now, my feet get all tingly and stuff, this needs to stop.
  9. Fear of change: Personal, physical, professional….change is scary.
  10. Fear of failure: Not so much failing, but will I get back up?
  11. Fear of being alone: Not falling in love, getting married, starting a family, etc.
  12. Fear of not following through: Not accomplishing what I set out for myself and always wondering “what if?”

So there it is. Some of my fears, some of the things I’d like to accomplish. I’d like to say that this blog is going to be all about tackling my fears but let’s face it; I love movies, music, food, fashion, and my dog so you’ll hear a lot about that too.



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