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Quarter Life Crisis: RSVP: NO – Party of One

Happy Birthday to ME; hello quarter life crisis! The big 25 and I met face to face last Tuesday and it’s funny, I thought turning twenty-five was going to be a big deal. Maybe because up until last year, I had planned a big “you’re turning 25 and should go all out” party. Also because for some reason I think that turning twenty-five means you are officially “old”….or at least now taken seriously. I’m not quite sure where I developed such thoughts but I do believe that twenty-five is a BIG year.

My birthday was nothing out of the ordinary and neither have the days been following. I worked all day then got together with family and friends for a nice dinner at my grandparents’ house. I am so thankful for the wonderful people in my life that I get to share these special moments with. And the day came and went and now I am twenty-five.


Family & Friends @ Birthday Dinner

My friends who have recently hit the big 25 welcomed me into the “quarter life crisis club” with open arms. But, I am rescinding my membership card. In my very earnest and honest opinion, the last few years of my life have felt like an “almost” quarter life crisis thus I’d like to say thanks but no thanks to the invitation. Life is just beginning; I just got a fresh start last year so I’d like to take on twenty-five with a positive-kick-ass-foot-forward-attitude. For me it’s all about being FEARLESS and taking the bull by the horns. I’m sick of sitting back looking at life half-full and living in regret. So I welcome TWENTY-FIVE with open arms. I know this year is going to be a hell’uva lot better than being twenty-four.

I’m not close to getting married, having my dream job or knowing what I am passionate about in life. But, I have a journey in front of me. I get to discover all these things, and fail, as long as I get back up. I asked friends for their favorite memories, piece of advice and so forth in their twenty-fifth year and all I got was “I met my husband, I got engaged, I got married!” So much for the deep intellectual life lessons I was hoping for. And although my Facebook news feed has been nothing but engagements and weddings as of late (my friends are all joining the “we’re getting older and it’s time to get settle down” movement); I’m not feeling as left out as I thought I would. I have a very special man in my life, wonderful family & friends and a job; and for that I am grateful. In the mean time I plan my nonexistent wedding on Pinterest, laugh at My Friends Are Married, relate to this, celebrate newly (engaged)weds and treasure moments with the ones I love.

So hello twenty-five, you’ve met your match. I’ve RSVP’d NO to your “quarter life crisis”, thanks and have a good day!


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